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The American Association of Railroaders, Inc., is a non-profit educational and historical organization interested in transportation, especially railroads and tracked systems. Incorporated in Missouri in 1967, (yes, four years before Amtrak) the AAR has sponsored hundreds of rail excursions, weekend tours, chartered trains, steam locomotive specials and other historic events. The group also travels to Canada and Europe at least once a year.

The AAR sponsored the first Amtrak Special Trains in the St. Louis area and has worked to improve and expand transportation options for the public. The AAR also helped to establish the St. Louis & Chain of Rocks R.R. rail museum. Historic transportation events (Eads Bridge Centennial, Reopening of Union Station, Start of MetroLink etc.) have been recognized with commemorative medals and postal cachets.

Membership is informal and open to anyone interested in transportation.